Metinoks Mekatronik San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.
The box erector automatically opens and forms the cardboard box from a stack of flattened corrugated boxes.

The automated package bagging machine (JETPACK) wraps each bobbin in a polyethylene plastic film bag.

A layer of 12 packages (e.g. 4 x 3) is grouped together before a full layer is placed horizontally into the box.

Cardboard slip sheets are placed between layers.

Sealing the top of box with taping.

Weighting then labelling with Thermal printer.

JetBox Technical Specifications
Installed electrical power 1,5 KW
Compressed air supply pressure 6 Bar
Compressed air consumption 200 Nl / min - 30 Lt / min
Maximum bobbin diameter 300 mm
Minimum bobbin diameter 160 mm
Packing material Cardboard
(Thickness max 8 mm)
Box width 400-600 mm
Box lenght 500-800 mm
Box height 350-700 mm
Average machine weight 1200 Kg
Production 500 bobbins / hour 
(Depending on type of bobbin used)