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Loading Unit (JetStore)
120 yarn cones can be loaded into this unit. Automatically feeds the packing unit.
Cone labeling unit (JetSticker)(Optional)
This unit prints a label for each cone and sticks it inside the cone.
Packing unit (JetPack)

The Packing unit packs the yarn cones (which outter diameter varies from 150 to 300 milimeters) in to polyethylene sheets. Packing is ensured by squeezing the excess of the PE sheet inside the cone.

Pack transfer unit
Pack transfer unit, transfers the packed cones to the other units.
Packing output
The packed cones can be handled by hand by taking from this section.
Alignment Belt
Packed cones are aligned in this section according to their arrangement type.
Bag fitting zone (JetBag)
In this section the cones are fitted inside the bag.
Bag output (JetBagLabel)(with weighing option)
Filled bags can be weighted out and labeled by request.
Bag Finishing
Bags are stitched, straightened up and reordered by the operator.
Boxing Unit (JetBox Maker)
This section takes an cardboard from the storage, bay folds it, tapes the down side of the box, in that way the box gets ready for filling.
Box filling unit (JetBox Filler)
Fills the boxes depending on chosen pattern and inserts a seperator sheet between stages.
Box Taping (JetBox Taping)
The upper covers of filled boxes are closed than taped.
Box Labeling Zone (JetBoxLabel)(Optional)
In this zone closed boxes are weighing than labeling with a custom designed label.
Box Stacking Zone
Filled boxes are stacked in this zone until they taken by the operator.
Stretch wrapping (JetStrech)
Stretchs stacked boxes or cones to make them ready for transport.
Placing on pallet (JetPal)
This unit places bags, boxes or packed single cones on the pallet.
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